Anda sedang menonton film lengkap T.A.N. online gratis di Cinema Layarkaca. Confused, in a haze of consciousness and intolerance, five fragile souls enter an eerie dimension. This journey forces an artist, junkie, an unapologetic queer, a racist cop and a forged reverend to confront their own demons. In the waiting room, a trickster deity illuminates the shadows hiding within each subject. Piece by piece, each person realizes the darkness they've left behind.. Di Lk21 Anda dapat menonton T.A.N. gratis secara instan tanpa mendaftar atau menunggu.

Duration: 22 min

Release: 2021

IMDb: 6.3 (9 votes)

Cast: Monte Bell Jack Waterson Jazlyn Nicolette Sward Dewitt Brown Darius Lavante Steven Barlett George Todd McLachlan Brian Murphy Jojo Yeo