Anda sedang menonton film lengkap his online gratis di Cinema Layarkaca. Two boys met and fell in love with each other in their high school days. Then 13 years have passed - The two live in different places. Nagisa has left for Australia after breaking up with Shun. Nagisa got married a woman and have a child, but they have difficulties to continue their marriage. He is still in love with Shun then he goes back to Japan with his little girl to see him. This is the purest love story of two men and how they can survive from the discrimination and prejudice.. Di Lk21 Anda dapat menonton his gratis secara instan tanpa mendaftar atau menunggu.

Duration: 127 min

Release: 2021

IMDb: 6.3 (7 votes)

Cast: Hio Miyazawa Kisetsu Fujiwara Wakana Matsumoto Honoka Matsumoto Sotomura Sakura Kumi Nakamura Keiichi Suzuki Toshie Negishi Keisuke Horibe Keiko Toda