Evan Wood

Evan Wood

Anda sedang menonton film lengkap Evan Wood online gratis di Cinema Layarkaca. Rachel, a writing student in Los Angeles, finds her life disrupted when she receives news of her grandmother’s passing. At the encouragement of a trusted professor, she goes home to process the family’s trauma through her writing. Her return has both healing and painful revelations: a romantic rekindling with an old love interest and, most notably, the challenge of helping her brother as he struggles with issues of mental health and addiction.. Di Lk21 Anda dapat menonton Evan Wood gratis secara instan tanpa mendaftar atau menunggu.

Genre: Drama

Director: Niki Byrne

Country: United States of America

Homepage: https://spencer-productions.com/evan-wood/

Duration: 89 min

Release: 2022

Cast: Alex Sorian Brown Charlotte Louise Spencer Jere Burns Trevor Stines Michael Parr Rylee Marshall Anna Jane Jackson Rachel Thundat Georgie Storm Waite Melany Smith MacCallister Byrd Andrew Gabriel Amy Walker Edward Llerena Shamari Maurice Stef Beaton